WorkSafeBC Claims for COVID-19

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This is an unprecedented time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The effects of the spread of the virus are being felt across all industries by employers and employees alike.

One of the many questions I get asked with respect to COVID-19 and the workplace is:

Can COVID-19 be work related?

As with all WorkSafeBC claims, the general principle applies that for a claim to be accepted, an injury or illness must arise out of and in the course of employment. In the context of COVID-19, not only must an employee contract COVID-19, they must have contracted it as a direct result of their employment. What this means is that the nature of the employee’s work must create a risk of contracting COVID-19 that is significantly greater than what is expected through the ordinary risk of exposure to the general public. Immediate examples include front line health care workers.

Can an employee file a WorkSafeBC claim if they have contracted COVID-19?

If an employee has a documented diagnosis that they have contracted COVID-19 and the employee is at a significantly greater risk than the general public of contracting COVID-19, the employee should file a Form 6 and the employer should file a Form 7 with WorkSafeBC. WorkSafeBC will adjudicate each submitted claim on a case by case basis.

WorkSafeBC will not accept claims for employees that are quarantined or self-isolated on a precautionary basis. There are other avenues for monetary assistance for such workers from Services Canada.

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