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Assignment of a Contract of Purchase and Sale: Get it in Writing

By Jeremy Burgess
Categories: Blog, Litigation
While a contract can be formed by any combination of communications and oral and verbal agreements, it remains the most prudent course of action to reduce a contract to writing to avoid any ambiguities about what has or has not been agreed to.

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Family Status Discrimination Test Affirmed by BC Court of Appeal

By Colin Edstrom
Categories: Blog, Employment Law
The British Columbia Court of Appeal recently affirmed that the test for assessing discrimination in employment on the basis of family status differs from other protected grounds.

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Trademarks and the Cannabis Industry

By Vanessa DeDominicis
Since the legalization of Cannabis here in Canada in October of 2018, we have seen an influx of cannabis-based businesses looking to protect their intellectual property rights.

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No Spec Tax on Westbank First Nation Lands

By Andrea East
Categories: Blog, First Nations
The recently introduced BC Speculation and Vacancy Tax (“Spec Tax”) is a topic of much discussion in our community lately.

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