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Plastic Bag Bans

By Jeremy Burgess
Categories: Blog, Litigation
In recent years, several communities all over the world have sought to means by which to reduce the accumulation of plastic in our natural environment.

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Bill C-46 – Getting Tough On Impaired Driving in Canada

By Bryan Fitzpatrick
Categories: Blog, Criminal Law
Recently the Canadian Government passed Bill C-46, which on its face appears to substantially change the legal landscape concerning impaired driving in Canada.

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Limitation Periods for Demand Mortgages

By Eric Ledding
Categories: Blog
The BC Court of Appeal has pronounced a new decision which lenders in BC and their lawyers will want to be aware of.

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Commercial Leasing: Options for Landlords on Default

By Andrea East
Categories: Blog, Real Estate
A landlord entering into a commercial lease should consider the rights it wishes to have if the tenant is not performing its obligations.

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