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Top 25 Medical Malpractice Cases of a 25 Year Career – Acute Compartment Syndrome

By Angela Price-Stephens
Categories: Blog, Medical Malpractice
In this series of articles BC and Alberta personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer Angela Price-Stephens describes her top 25 notable medical malpractice cases of her 25-year career to date.

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Construction Disputes: A Contractor’s Right to be Paid vs. Owner’s Claims for Defective Work

By Jeremy Burgess
It is one of the most common scenarios in construction litigation: work has completed, the contractor has rendered its final bill and an owner refuses to pay on the basis that there were delays or that there are defects or deficiencies.

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Tax on Split Income (TOSI):  Why Does the Federal Government Single Out Small and Medium-Sized Family-Owned Businesses that Provide Services?

By Thomas Fellhauer
Categories: Blog, Tax
Usually tax laws apply to everyone.  However, in 2017, the Federal Government introduced a special tax on dividends that treats family-owned private businesses that provide services more harshly than other businesses that sell goods.

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Inheriting Property Jointly with other Beneficiaries and the Importance of Co-Ownership Agreements

By Vanessa DeDominicis
Whenever property is ‘Co-Owned’ by anyone other than a husband and wife, I always strongly recommend that a Co-Ownership Agreement be put in place.

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