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Weed at Work: What Are Your Rights?

By Colin Edstrom
Categories: Blog, Employment Law
Consumption of recreational cannabis will be legal as of October 17th. While some Canadians are rejoicing, many businesses are understandably nervous.

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Application of the Charter in Written and Oral Reviews of Immediate Roadside Prohibitions

By Bryan Fitzpatrick
Categories: Blog, Criminal Law
In Bates v. British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles), we recently succeeded in having the decision of an adjudicator, confirming an immediate roadside driving prohibition, set aside.

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Trans Mountain Pipeline Case: Full Reasons

By Paul Mitchell, Q.C.
Categories: Blog
See the entire Federal Court of Appeal Decision here.

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When an Estate Consists of Firearms

By Vanessa DeDominicis
Hailing from the UK originally, dealing with firearms in an Estate is simply something I did not learn at law school or ever come across in practice over there. In Canada it is far more common.

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