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Spousal Support and Retirement

By Leneigh Bosdet
Categories: Blog, Family Law
Recently, the BC Supreme Court came out with a case that deals with the question of the impact of retirement on spousal support and clarifying what is considered early retirement.

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What is the difference between a Power of Attorney and a Representation Agreement?

By Vanessa DeDominicis
These two, very different incapacity planning documents, are often confused.

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Pre-Judgment Garnishment: Full and Frank Disclosure is Required

By Jeremy Burgess
The recent case of Opus Consulting Group Ltd. v Ardenton Capital Corporation focused on the level of disclosure required to support and sustain a pre-judgment garnishment order.

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Top 25 Medical Malpractice Cases of a 25 Year Career – Fungal Meningitis

By Angela Price-Stephens
Categories: Blog, Medical Malpractice
In this article we review the unusual case of Valerie who suffered a devastating brain injury as a result of a missed diagnosis of fungal meningitis.

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