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British Columbia to Reinstate Human Rights Commission

By Colin Edstrom
Categories: Blog
The provincial government recently announced plans to reinstate the British Columbia Human Rights Commission following a 15 year hiatus.

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Setting Aside Agreements Respecting Property Division (Part 1)

By Brent Coyne
Categories: Blog, Family Law
Section 93 of the Family Law Act (the “FLA”) sets out the legal basis under which a court may set aside a written (and properly witnessed) agreement respecting property division.

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Leaving a Letter of Wishes for your Executor or Trustee

By Theresa Arsenault, Q.C.
How will my executor or trustee know how I want them to look after my children or spouse?

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Digital Assets and Your Will

By Vanessa DeDominicis
In a world full of social media, online banking and identities, dealing with digital assets as part of your Will is extremely important

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