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Tax-Deductible Legal Fees

By Patrick Gaffney
Categories: Blog, Family Law
If you receive child or spousal support, and you spent money obtaining a court order to get child or spousal support then the money spent to get the order may be tax-deductible.

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Breach of Contract and Repudiation: Affirm or Accept the Repudiation, Not Both

By Jeremy Burgess
Categories: Blog, Litigation
One of the more difficult issues in contractual disputes is sorting out what rights and obligations continue to exist when a party to a contract breaches the terms of the contract.

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A Will For Canadian Property and Foreign Property

By Vanessa DeDominicis
Whenever I have clients that have Canadian property and assets in a foreign jurisdiction, I always recommend that they consult with a lawyer in the jurisdiction where they hold those foreign assets.

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Central Okanagan Economic Development Commissions’ Latest Snapshot

By Jeremy Burgess
Categories: Blog
The Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission (COEDC) has released its 2018 fourth quarter economic indicators report.

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