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Alternative Sources of Recovery on Denied Insurance Claims: When Insurance Brokerages Might be Liable

By Jeremy Burgess
When a party is denied on a claim by an insurer, a careful analysis of whether the denial is properly made is important.

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Top 25 Medical Malpractice Cases of a 25 Year Career – Attempted Suicide

By Angela Price-Stephens
Categories: Blog, Medical Malpractice
In this fifth article we review the tragic case of Erin who has a chronic history of schizophrenia.

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Workplace Sexual Harassment Following the #metoo Movement

By Colin Edstrom
Categories: Blog, Employment Law
Sexual harassment in the workplace exists on a spectrum. It can range from unwelcome comments of a sexual nature to sexual assault.

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Rec League Hockey Bodycheck Results in $702,551 Damage Award

By Paul Mitchell, Q.C.
Categories: Blog, Personal Injury
A recent case in Ontario found a rec league hockey player responsible for significant damages for a blindside hit in a no contact league.

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