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When a Child is Hurt at School: Is it Just an Accident or is Someone Liable?

By Jeremy Burgess
Categories: Blog, Personal Injury
For better or for worse, injuries are a part of childhood and the process by which children learn to explore the world around them.

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Proposed Changes to REDMA: Developer Obligations for Assignments of Purchase Agreements

By Bradley Cronquist
Categories: Blog, Real Estate
The B.C. Government has introduced draft legislation to amend the Real Estate Development Marketing Act that imposes obligations on developers in relation to the assignment of Purchase Agreements for the sale or lease of strata lots.

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Proper and Improper Use of A Power of Attorney

By Vanessa DeDominicis
An Attorney appointed to act for another adult under a Power of Attorney has an onerous task.

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Invitations to Tender: Why it is Important Both Bidders and Solicitors to Follow Proper Process

By Jeremy Burgess
Categories: Blog, Litigation
Government and non-government actors that solicit bids for contractors for management or construction projects must follow a fair and transparent process for doing so.

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