Brain Injury Symptoms Form

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This form is a concise list of potential symptoms arising from a brain injury or concussion: Brain Injury Symptoms Form.

Many people involved in accidents often forget to tell their doctors of their symptoms of potential brain injury or concussion. They, and or their doctors, often focus primarily on the physical symptoms only, and sometimes do not look at the cognitive issues. Symptoms arising from a brain injury or concussion can vary, from being subtle to serious and disabling.

It is vitally important for anyone sustaining a possible brain injury or concussion realize what their symptoms are, and let their health care providers know as soon as possible. This will do two things. It will allow their health care providers to properly treat their symptoms. It will also ensure the symptoms are properly recorded in their doctors medical charts.

Having their symptoms recorded in the doctors medical charts will help to avoid ICBC, or the insurance company, to later deny the person has a brain injury or concussion. They may say “ if you did not tell your doctors after the accident, the symptoms are either not true, or they are unrelated to the accident.”

After an accident always make sure you advise your doctors of all your post-accident symptoms, including both physical and cognitive.

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