Major Capital Funding for New Licensed Child Care Spaces

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Looking to set up a new child care facility? The BC Government recently introduced a new program called “Child Care Major Capital Funding” for the creation of new licensed child care spaces.

Who is eligible? Both non-profit organizations and private organizations seeking to create new licensed child care spaces may be eligible.

Priority will be given to spaces located on school grounds and those co-located with other family support programs in community-based settings (such as recreation centres) within communities that are under-served.

What does “major capital funding” mean? Under this program, non-profit organizations may receive up to $500,000 and private sector organizations may receive up to $250,000. This can cover the costs of building a new child care facility or renovating an existing facility; purchasing space for the facility; site development costs; and purchasing eligible equipment and furnishings.

The deadline to apply under this program is February 26, 2016.

Applications must include:

  • funding application form and additional supporting documents;
  • written confirmation of the applicant’s financial standing;
  • written confirmation that the project can be started within four months of signing the funding agreement;
  • specific budget, operating, and implementation information;
  • proof of ownership of land and building, or rental agreement or lease;
  • copy of BC Corporate Registry Notice (if applicable); and
  • specific letters of confirmation from the local government and/or school board (if necessary).

Details regarding the application requirements and process, eligibility requirements and how to apply, can be found on the Ministry of Children and Family Development’s web site: