BC Liquor Law Review

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The BC Government’s Liquor Policy Review is in its final stages, wrapping up this week. The public has been given ample opportunity to comment on how these laws should be updated. The submissions are varied and substantial.  There are many different opinions on a myriad of issues as the public and various stakeholders rejoice in the opportunity to have their voices heard in the necessary modernizing of these outdated laws. You can see the submissions list here engage.gov.bc.ca/liquorpolicyreview/stakeholder-positions/

A repeated and resounding recommendation in the submissions relates to the desire to improve the current framework for the issuance of liquor licenses. The current framework is complex and lengthy. Clarity and accessibility is much needed. Further reform is also needed to update the current convoluted special-occasion licensing system.

Further submissions relate to allowing restaurant chains more control over their inventory. Stakeholders argue that the new liquor laws should allow restaurant chains to transfer their liquor between their own locations, and further allow restaurants to be flexible on the pricing of their liquor products when they are served during the day.
More information can be found at engage.gov.bc.ca/liquorpolicyreview/

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