Cell Phones in Cars Banned; Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2009 (Bill 15)

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The Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2009 (Bill 15) has passed First Reading.
The bill has the following key features:
Amended:       Motor Vehicle Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 318
Bill 15 amends the Motor Vehicle Act.
Bill 15 requires that a person must not use an electronic device while driving or operating a motor vehicle on a highway.
Electronic devices include hand-held cell phones or devices capable of sending or receiving e-mails or text messages. Exceptions to this prohibition are for emergency personnel, permitted activities such as calling 911 emergency or permitted activities prescribed by regulation.
Regulation-making power is granted, including adding restrictions or conditions to classes of driver’s licences regarding the use of electronic devices.
An unofficial copy of the bill is available at:
In Force:     By regulation
The government has released a press release: