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New Developments in the Law of Property Division in BC

By Leneigh Bosdet
Categories: Blog, Family Law
On April 28, 2016 the British Columbia Court of Appeal came out with a decision called V.J.F. v. S. K. W., 2016 BCCA 186. This decision called into question how property is to be divided in BC upon the breakdown of a spousal relationship under the Family Law Act.

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Motorcycle Licensing in BC

By Eric Ledding
Categories: Blog, Personal Injury
Years back when I was going through the steps of obtaining my full motorcycle licence in British Columbia, I was surprised about how many people I spoke with that rode motorcycles that did not have a full licence.

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Non-Union Federal Employees Score Historic Win in Supreme Court Case

By David Brown
Categories: Blog, Employment Law
In what will no doubt be one of the most impactful employment law cases of the year, the Supreme Court of Canada in Wilson v. Atomic Energy of Canada has found that federally regulated employers cannot, absent economic reasons, terminate a non-unionized employee without just cause.

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Disclosure Requirements for Real Estate Development : Maybe Not Just Under REDMA

By Bradley Cronquist
Categories: Blog, Real Estate, Securities
When real estate developers consider disclosure requirements they commonly think of the obligations under the Real Estate Development Marketing Act.

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