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Exceptions To The Federal Child Support Guidelines

By Monica McParland
Categories: Blog, Family Law
Under BC Family law a non-custodial parent is required to pay monthly child support to the custodial parent in an amount prescribed by the Federal Child Support Guidelines.

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Major Changes To The Income Tax Act: Time To Update Your Estate Plan

By Melodie Lind
Back in 2013, the Department of Finance proposed some changes to the Income Tax Act and asked for public input on those proposed changes.

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Alcohol, Drugs and Work

By David Brown
Categories: Blog, Employment Law
Working in the Okanagan, there’s always an endless array of networking events, business functions, award galas and fundraisers to attend. While the purpose of these events varies, one constant among them is the ample supply of pinot noir

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Do I Need A Lawyer To Handle My Immigration Case?

By Sandra Hakanson
Digital media is a great thing - so much information is available on-line. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has an informative website that is clear and comprehensive with all of the application forms, kits, and guides that you will need.

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