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Demystifying Pensions in Family Law

By Monica McParland
Categories: Blog, Family Law
Under the BC Family Law Act, benefits in a pension plan are” family property,” which means that separating spouses are entitled to equally share the benefits accumulated during cohabitation.

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Real Property, Legal Title, Equitable Title and the Torrens System: Presumptions as to Ownership

By Jeremy Burgess
Real property ownership in British Columbia is governed by a modified Torrens system for title registration.

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Details Are Important When Completing a Claim of Builders Lien

By Mark Danielson
Categories: Blog, Construction
A party claiming a builders lien must do so by filing a “claim of lien” in the form prescribed by the Builders Lien Act.

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Powers of Attorney and Your Financial Institution

By Vanessa DeDominicis
A Power of Attorney, if used carefully, is an important estate planning tool.

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