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How Closely Related Must Work be to a Project to Give Rise to a Builders Lien?

By Mark Danielson
Categories: Blog, Construction, Litigation
I am often asked whether a person may claim a builders lien for the supply of work or materials to a construction project where the right to do so is not obvious.

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So What Do I Pay ICBC for Anyway?

By Keri Grenier
Categories: Blog, Personal Injury
If you have had ongoing dealings with ICBC as a result of a car accident than you have likely had the pleasure of dealing with at least two sides of ICBC. Initially the relationship starts off pleasant but as the relationship continues

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Launch of the Express Entry: Canada’s New Immigration Permanent Residency Program. Will it be right for you?

By Sandra Hakanson
On January 1, 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (“CIC”) introduced the launch of the Express Entry (“EE”) program for foreign nationals (“FN”) to apply for permanent residency (“PR”) in Canada.

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7 Common Questions on Overtime in BC

By David Brown
Categories: Blog, Employment Law
The Employment Standards Act provides basic conditions of employment for workers under provincial jurisdiction throughout British Columbia. Although most of these standards are fairly clear, one area of frequent confusion is with respect to overtime.

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