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Party Wall Agreements – Something Old is New Again

By Bradley Cronquist
Categories: Blog, Real Estate
Party Wall Agreements have historically been used to manage the relationship between land owners with a common boundary and a wall down the middle of the property line.

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Contractual Interest vs. the Interest Act

By Jeremy Burgess
Categories: Blog, Litigation
Contractual interest can represent a significant component of the value of a contract for the party entitled to interest, a significant part of the costs of a contract to the party paying interest and a significant deterrent to a would be breaching party.

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Cooling Markets, Addressing Risk, and Reducing Buying Power – New Mortgage Rules

By Brian Stephenson
Categories: Blog, Real Estate
On October 3, 2016, Canada’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced changes to mortgage rules with the introduction of a “stress test.”

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New Developments in the Law of Property Division in BC

By Leneigh Bosdet
Categories: Blog, Family Law
On April 28, 2016 the British Columbia Court of Appeal came out with a decision called V.J.F. v. S. K. W., 2016 BCCA 186. This decision called into question how property is to be divided in BC upon the breakdown of a spousal relationship under the Family Law Act.

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