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New Tax on Residential Property Transfers to Foreign Entities in Metro Vancouver

By Paul Tonita
Categories: Blog, Real Estate
There has been a lot of discussion in the media, amongst politicians and most likely in your circle of friends recently about the rapid increase in housing prices in B.C. and particularly in the Lower Mainland.

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BC to Protect Transgendered People Under Human Rights Code

By David Brown
Categories: Blog, Employment Law
On July 25, 2016, the British Columbia government passed the first reading of Bill 27, or the Human Rights Code Amendment Act.

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Employees Distinct From Contractors

By Greg Pratch
Categories: Blog, Employment Law
In the world of employment law there are “independent contractors” and there are “employees,” each one has pros and cons from both the employer and employee perspective.

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Brain Injury Symptoms Form

By Paul Mitchell, Q.C.
Categories: Blog, Brain Injury
This form is a concise list of potential symptoms arising from a brain injury or concussion.

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