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“How Do We Divide Our Property if We Separate?”- The Basics of Property Division Under the Family Law Act

By Leneigh Bosdet
Categories: Blog, Family Law
The Family Law Act changed the law in BC in several ways and one of the most significant ways is property division on the breakdown of a spousal relationship.

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Pushor Mitchell’s Brent Coyne Wins in BC Court of Appeal

By Pushor Mitchell LLP
A recent decision by the British Columbia Court of Appeal in Radcliffe v. The Owners, Strata Plan KAS1436, illustrates the duty of fair dealing which strata corporations owe to the members they serve.

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Leasing First Nations Lands from a Locatee

By Andrea East
Categories: Blog, First Nations
This is an update to my Dec 22, 2009 article, incorporating the changes to INAC’s locatee leasing policy.

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Can A Beneficiary Refuse An Inheritance?

By Vanessa DeDominicis
Seems unlikely, right? But it does happen – sometimes people don’t want to inherit money for a variety of reasons.

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