Committed to "being green" - from building management systems to paper shredding to recycling to technology enhancements and more.

Going green is a process at Pushor Mitchell that has been underway for many years. Our “Green Team” of staff and lawyers are responsible for identifying and implementing new ways to enhance on our existing sustainability practices. These practices range from building management systems to paper shredding to recycling to technology enhancements to video conferencing to “don’t drive” programs.

Green Initiatives at Pushor Mitchell

Power Usage

  • Low wattage fluorescent lights and LED bulbs are used.
  • Automatic temperature setbacks and lighting controls that conserve energy outside normal business hours.
  • High efficiency boilers that decreased gas consumption by 39%.
  • Energy efficient computers with faster processors, increased memory and enhanced functions that decreased power consumption by 50%.
  • Energy efficient LCD monitors that decreased power consumption by 70%.
  • Energy efficient photocopiers that have reduced waste and that have power saving functions.
  • Computers and photocopies with “sleep mode” that reduces energy consumption after a period of inactivity.
  • “Virtual Machines” simulate multiple machines within one physical computer and enable different operating systems to run on the same computer. Virtualization decreased power consumption by 75%.

Use of Paper and Related Supplies

  • Paper shredding and recycling programs have been in place since 1993.
  • A PDF converter is used so information can be transmitted without creating a printed copy.
  • Double sided printing is the default option on most printers (when we have to print).
  • Ink cartridges are refilled.
  • Virtual corporate records where records are scanned and accessed from desktop PCs.
  • Electronic holiday greeting cards are sent with a donation being made annually to the Central Okanagan Foundation in lieu of the cost of paper cards.

Reduction, Re-use and Recycling of Materials

  • Eliminated the use of disposable plastic products – water bottles, styrofoam coffee cups, paper plates and plastic utensils.
  • Recycle cardboard, glass and bottles. Proceeds from refundable materials are donated to school groups.
  • Donate used equipment to charities and non-profit groups.

Office Environment and Clean Air

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products are used.
  • Our office has a “no-scent” policy.
  • Live plants to filter and clean the air.

Commuting and Transportation

  • Video conferencing equipment for professional development courses reduces travel.
  • Remote access for members of the firm to enable offsite work.
  • Bus pass program participation to encourage transit use.

Promotion of Environmentally Responsible Acts

  • A rewards program that encourages our team to engage in environmentally responsible acts at the office and at home. Winners receive a gift certificate from an environmentally-friendly company.