Pushor Mitchell LLP Supports Youth Restorative Justice Program in the Okanagan

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Angela Price-Stephens has trained and certified as a Facilitator in the Youth Restorative Justice Program with the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club. Restorative Justice is an approach to justice that focuses on repairing the harm experienced as a result of criminal behaviour. The program is a wonderful way to transform a ‘poor choice’ or criminal action and intervene early in a supportive way that promotes healing and resolution while maximizing social justice of victims, offenders and the community.

“The training and sense of community offered is remarkable” says Angela who is a long-time lawyer and heads the firm’s mediation group. The program is available for a wide range of first time offenses. Participation in the program is voluntary and carefully screened by the case manager in the Program and the RCMP. While not suitable for all first time offenders, when the selection is made carefully and the process well managed the outcome can be transformative for the youth and even the person harmed and wider community. “It is an honour to be part of this Program and play a small part in keeping youth on the right track.”