Types of Mediation and the Style of the Mediator

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The style of mediation adopted by the mediator is likely to be a reflection of several factors including the mediator’s personality, training and experience and how flexible and responsive the mediator can be to the parties’ needs during the process.

The are also numerous ‘models’ of mediation. These models are designed for training mediators and to keep the mediation process on track. Each model may have a slightly different focus. A model designed to accommodate parties to litigation, where all parties are represented by legal counsel, will look and feel quite different to a community mediation model which my be designed to utilize two co-mediators.

At Pushor Mitchell LLP, Chair of Mediation Services, Angela Price-Stephens has a broad range of training and experience having trained and practiced in Canada, USA and the UK. “While it is Canadians who have the reputation for apologizing it is actually the British who make the most effective use of the apology in the context of mediation,” says Angela who practiced in the UK for 10 years before emigrating to Canada. “In the UK it is not unusual for the defendant to apologize to the claimant (plaintiff) at the beginning of the mediation. This sets the correct tone for a successful mediation, although it is by no means a guarantee of success.”

How does one measure success at mediation? Ideally all parties and the mediator are aiming for a settlement with which all parties are content. However, even where a settlement is not finalized on the day of mediation, the opportunity for the parties to come together under the guidance of a mediator often results in narrowing of the issues that remain in dispute, a deeper understanding of the other parties’ view and lays the foundation for an earlier settlement than otherwise may have been available.

Chair of the newly formed Group is Angela Price-Stephens, an experienced mediator having trained in the UK (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) the USA (Pepperdine University, CA) and Canada (Justice Institute of BC; Community Mediation, Ottawa). Angela is a Certified Mediator and on the Civil Roster of Mediate BC. Angela has been mediating disputes in a variety of forums since 2005.