BrainTrust Canada Launches Kelowna’s New Brain Health Clinic

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The Brain Injury Health Clinic is an innovative brain injury recovery program for persons with acquired brain injury or persistent concussion and is focused on helping individuals regain lost cognitive, physical and emotional health to improve quality of life and return to work.

The clinic offers full and part-time program options in a supportive small group setting. Participants focus on cognitive rehabilitation, augmented by aerobic exercise, mindfulness, and counselling.  The Brain Health Clinic is a data-driven program that measures participants’ progress with three years of solid research from UBC neuroscientists demonstrating program success.

Brain Health Clinic Trials: If you have persistent concussion or a brain injury, are interested in returning to work or resuming activities of daily living and can commit time and energy to regain lost cognitive, physical and emotional health, contact BrainTrust to learn more about their Brain Health Clinic.

The BrainTrust is hosting free clinical trials beginning on October 28th and 29th and invite you to contact BrainTrust Canada for pre-trial screening.

The unique design of the Brain Health Clinic means that program participants can see substantial improvement in processing speed, attention, concentration, and cognitive flexibility.  These gains are possible even several years post-injury.  We are excited to launch this program and give individuals with acquired brain injury or persistent concussion who have plateaued in their recovery a new sense of hope,” states Mona Hennenfant, CEO, BrainTrust Canada “We are excited to partner with ABI Wellness on this innovative program.”

As a Kelowna physician experienced in assessing, diagnosing and providing supports for person with acquired brain injury, I am excited to support the Brain Health Clinic as a new and innovate approach to helping persons with brain injury or persistent concussion regain lost cognitive, physical and emotional health,” says Dr. Matt Petrie.

As a brain injury lawyer and someone who has suffered the affects of concussion I am honoured to be supporting this new innovative clinic which is on the cutting edge of cognitive rehabilitation. We are excited to provide this opportunity for maximizing recovery for those individuals who have suffered recent or historic brain injury,” says personal injury, medical malpractice lawyer and Board of Directors member Angela Price-Stephens. “Brain injuries can occur through a variety of mechanisms including open and closed trauma to the head, stroke, ruptured or leaking aneurysm, tumour growth, a build up of fluid within the head and reduced oxygen. Comprehensive treatment is essential to improve outcomes and this clinic is a landmark in brain rehabilitation.

For more information about this creative, innovative and multidisciplinary clinic, please contact Mona Hennenfent at BrainTrust Canada at 250 762 3233 ext. 110.

For legal advice on recently acquired brain injuries please contact Angela Price-Stephens at Pushor Mitchell LLP at 250 869 1124.