Angela Price-Stephens Appointed to Board of Directors of Brain Trust Canada

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Over a 25-year career Angela has directly assisted many clients who have sustained brain injury, be it through physical trauma to the head, medical mishap or an underlying medical event such as stroke or ruptured aneurysm.  The outcome of the injury can be as unique as the individual who sustained the injury, given the complexity and plasticity of the brain. However, there are commonalities between all survivors of brain injury – the need for support, understanding and resources to maximise their recovery. Brain Trust Canada is a leading light in the rehabilitation of those with acquired brain injuries, going above and beyond to individualize services to those in need.

“The combination of having endured and recovered from multiple concussions and a career of representing clients with brain injuries ranging from concussion to severe traumatic brain injury gives me significant insight into what clients and their families have to deal with and adjust to” says Angela

Angela’s experience including governance, advocacy and firsthand knowledge will be a huge asset to the organization.

“Paul Mitchell Q.C. has been the champion of Brain Trust Canada for over 30 years.  It is my honour to continue the history of service and dedication to this organization.”