Pushor Mitchell Associate Jeremy Burgess Heads to Ultimate Championship

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Our very own Jeremy Burgess is heading to the Canadian Ultimate Championships in the mixed division in Surrey from August 23-26, 2018 with his team, T-Rad. He joins a number of other men and women drawn primarily from the Kelowna Ultimate Players Society to represent BC against 19 other teams from across Canada. The team is also potentially building towards an attempt to qualify to send local players to a world mixed masters championship next year.

If you are interested in following along with the Canadian Ultimate Championships,  head to its website for the mixed division here. T-Rad will also be featured in at least one live streamed game via SportsCanadaTV. Streaming starts at 1:35 on August 24 and features our game against Saskatchewan’s Bunny Thugs. Go to UltimateCanada.TV or  https://sportscanada.tv/ultimatecanada/ click the link for Senior and follow the links from there.

For those not familiar with Ultimate frisbee, it is a non-contact sport played with a flying disc with the goal being to throw to a player in opposing end zones. It began as a counterculture activity played casually at universities to a massive international sport boasting millions of players from all over the world, a burgeoning professional league in North America and various international championships featuring players from dozens of counties. The sport’s best players are elite athletes drawn from a variety of sports backgrounds.

Ultimate’s mixed division in particular is part of a national and international push to encourage gender equality and equal gender participation at the highest level of sport. Ultimate is played with mixed gender at the World Games, is recognized by the IOC and is eligible to become one of the only mixed gender competitions in the Olympics.

Ultimate continues to be governed at all levels from recreational leagues, hat tournaments and international competitions by the “Spirit of the Game”; which places emphasis on the joy of the game the responsibility of sportsmanship and fair play on its players by remaining self-officiated in almost all levels of play and tournaments.

Pushor Mitchell is proud to support Jeremy and T-Rad in their efforts and wish them the best of luck.