Pushor Mitchell Lawyer Matthew Canzer Presents at BRAINX 2018 Symposium on Brain Injury

By Matthew Canzer
Categories: Firm News

Matthew Canzer, a member of our Brain Injury Litigation team, will be giving a presentation titled “We See You – Measuring the Invisible in Personal Injury Litigation” on Thursday, June 7 at BRAINX 2018 – BrainTrust Canada’s annual brain injury symposium that Pushor Mitchell is proud to title sponsor.

Matthew’s presentation will cover how the courts decide what damages and losses are attributable to a brain injury when the physical injury itself isn’t easily visible. How do we prove a loss of quality of life, missed family time, or lack of restful sleep? How do we assign a dollar figure to such precious resources?

Early Bird tickets are available until April 15: Get Early Bird Tickets Now.