Hiltrud V.

Categories: Testimonials

Mr. Brian Stephenson handled the sale/purchase and in particular the mortgage discharge procedures for my son and me. The purchase/sale of the property was smooth and efficient because of Mr. Stephenson’s clear instructions and timely preparations. The mortgage discharge had some challenges and Mr. Stephenson handled those challenges in a prompt and professional way – I liked Mr. Stephenson’s attitude during that situation: he was calm and understanding towards my concerns and at the same time confident and reassuring that the situation would be settled soon. I had a hundred percent trust in Mr. Stephenson.

In conclusion I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Mir. Stephenson and confirm that in my opinion he represents all the good qualities that a lawyer should have: being knowledgeable, friendly, confident, assertive, and understanding. I will definitely seek legal advice from him if need be and I will be happy to refer him as a lawyer.