Tax Matters Toolkits for Family Law

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As a result of a recent collaboration between the Canadian Bar Association, Justice Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency and Finance Canada, two Tax Matters Toolkits have been developed. Both of the Toolkits are designed to assist with understanding the tax laws that can apply on separation or divorce, which can be complex and difficult to navigate.

One of the Toolkits is intended for use by family law lawyers, and can be found here.

The other Toolkit is intended for use by clients, and can be found here.

The Toolkits are not a substitute for proper family law and tax law advice, as there are many circumstances and nuances that are not addressed in the Toolkits, however they provide an excellent overall picture of how the rules apply.

Authors:  Melodie Lind and Taryn Moore. Melodie practices in the area of Tax law and Taryn is a member of Pushor Mitchell’s Family Law Group. Contact Melodie at 250-869-1210 and and Taryn at 250-869-1265 and