Employers’ Presentation Series: Effective Practices in Employee Terminations

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Pushor Mitchell is pleased to present “This Just Isn’t Working Out”: Controlling the Costs of Employee Terminations, the third installment in our new employment law series, Navigating the Seas of Change.

When new hires are brought on, employers always hope that the new employee will fit in, be pleasant, hardworking and will have a long and successful relationship with the company. Unfortunately, this is not always the case…

“This Just Isn’t Working Out” is designed to provide managers with an overview of the law of wrongful dismissal. It will equip members with strategies for reducing the costs of terminations and will provide insight into effective practices for controlling the risks of employment related litigation.

The presentation will be held November 20, 2014 in the Pushor Mitchell boardroom. To register, please enroll through our Eventbrite page by following the link below.

“This Just Isn’t Working Out”: Controlling the Costs of Employee Terminations

Further details on our other presentations planned for the Fall 2014 can be found here or by contacting Greg Pratch at pratch@pushormitchell.com.