Paul Winkler

Categories: Testimonials

I hired Alf Kempf to represent me in a wrongful dismissal case against Conrad Black’s Hollinger. We were up against some very powerful people who wanted me and my story quashed since it could have led to Black and his partner David Radler’s demise long before US authorities charged them. I’d heard Alf was the best employment lawyer in the Okanagan but had no idea he would perform so brilliantly against Hollinger’s team of Vancouver lawyers. We spent eight days before a judge in the BC Supreme Court followed by written arguments. It took the judge seven months to rule, and when she did, it was a convincing victory for me. I can say without hesitation that Alf’s preparation and courtroom performance, especially his cross examination of their witnesses, was superb. I’m sure that despite having a strong case a lesser lawyer would have been unable to have complex evidence presented in a clear and logical manner. I don’t like to think what might have happened if someone hadn’t recommended Alf to help me in the biggest battle of my life.