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I had been looking for a lawyer who would be willing to take on my case. It was very complicated and I had been looking for a year and a half for someone who would be willing to take me on. I was so happy when a friend suggested Pushor Mitchell. Greg Pratch was assigned my case and from the beginning he assured me I had a good, yet complicated case. He was straight forward and told me what he thought my case would be, explaining all the legal stuff so that I could understand. We worked together for nearly 3 years and through this, he always kept me on top of what was happening and why. I have physical issues that he always considered and accommodated. Because of the complications of my case, I would get very upset and frustrated with how long it was taking, but Greg was always the one to calm me down and focus on the end results. Personally, I found him to be kind hearted, yet focused on our goal. He was always willing to hear my phone calls and communication was never an issue. He was patient, completely understanding and assertive when he needed to be. In the end, I was happy with the results and the settlement he was able to get for me and my family.