Monthly Lawyer Profile – Ashleigh Baylis

By Pushor Mitchell LLP
Categories: Blog, Firm News

If you weren’t a lawyer, what profession would you like to attempt?

If I wasn’t a lawyer, I would want to work with animals in some capacity, probably with a rescue organization.  I have a huge soft spot for animals, probably too much so.  I definitely could not be a trainer though, as those who know me know that my two cats and new dog are the bosses in my house and have my husband and I wrapped around their little paws.

I also have always wanted to own my own coffee shop, as I’m a huge coffee addict.

If you weren’t a lawyer, what profession would you never do?

I could never be a doctor or nurse, as I get squeamish at the sight of blood and needles.

Why did you become a lawyer?

To be honest, I did not plan on becoming a lawyer.  I did my undergraduate degree with a major in Criminology and a minor in Psychology because those subjects were very interesting to me.  It wasn’t until I had almost graduated that I realized that I still did not know what I wanted to do.  My favourite courses were forensic sciences and criminal law.  I ended up working at the Vancouver Crown Counsel office which I really enjoyed, so I decided to pursue a law degree and practice criminal law.  I’m now glad that I did, as I love what I do.

How do you help clients?

In my practice, I try to help my clients reach a fair and cost-effective resolution of their matters outside of Court as much as possible, so that they are actively involved in the determination of a resolution that is tailored to meet their personal goals and values, rather than leaving the decision up a Judge to decide.  When that is not possible, I strive to advocate fully on their behalf while still maintaining a level of civility and practicality to the issues at hand.  Whether it is a family law, collaborative or criminal matter, I do my best to treat my clients as well other parties with respect and to be accessible and work efficiently for my clients.

Your favourite technology tool?

I am kind of a technophobe, but I did just get a Blackberry Torch which I am really enjoying.  It allows me to be more accessible and productive while I am out of the office.

What do you do with all your spare time?

I play a lot of sports, including ice hockey, softball, golf and others.  I also enjoy supporting my step-son’s rep hockey team and taking my dog on hikes.

What are people most surprised to learn about you?

I don’t think I have that many surprises.  I’m a pretty open person so what you see is pretty much what you get.  Some people were surprised to learn that I chose to become a lawyer, as I used to be really shy as a child.

Your biggest extravagance?

My biggest extravagance is definitely Starbucks coffee.  I feel it is justified since it is really my only addiction and it’s so comforting.  My favourite drink is a caramel soy Americano misto.

Your favourite food and drink?

Next to coffee, my other favourite drink would be a Bellini.  Especially a good sour one.  If chocolate counts as food, that would be my favourite.  Otherwise I’m a big fan of Indian food especially butter chicken, and garlic mashed potatoes (not together).

Your favourite saying?

I don’t really have a favourite saying, but I guess my motto would be “life is what you make it”.  I’ve really learned this past year that life throws unexpected and difficult challenges that can shake your world around, but it is up to each of us to decide how we want to respond to those challenges.  Although sometimes it’s hard to see, there are always awesome things surrounding us that we need to take the time to notice.