Family Law Christmas

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In Family Law, the holiday season often brings with it significant stress, confusion and disappointment for families who are experiencing a recent separation; and, even for families that have been separated for some time.

I thought that I would take this opportunity to remind everyone that, with the stress of the holidays behind us, the New Year provides a great opportunity to take a step back and reflect on how your relationship with your ex spouse can impact your children and how it may have over the holidays.  Almost all parents can agree that they want their children to enjoy the holidays and that Christmas is “about the kids”. But it is really important to put this knowledge into practice and show your children that they are number one in the lives of both of their parents during the holidays but, more importantly, throughout the year. This can be done by taking the time to show your children that you recognize the importance of your ex-spouse in your children’s’ lives.  You could do this by encouraging your children to have frequent contact with your ex spouse event if it is not provided for in your Separation Agreement or by Court Order. Ultimately, think of how you would like to define your relationship with your ex-spouse for the benefit of your children.

Your willingness to do this for your children will be a gift to him or her that far exceeds any material purchase made over the holidays. It could also operate as the “olive branch” you didn’t know that you had left in you.

I urge all parents dealing with separation to use the New Year to turn over a new leaf in your relationship with your ex-spouse for yourself, and more importantly, for the future benefit of your kids.