Pushor Mitchell has available on request the following seminars which range in length from twenty to forty five minutes. If your group is interested in a complimentary session for any of the following topics please contact Jackie Blake at

Business Law

Charities and Not-For-Profits

Employment Law

  • Bullying (Alf Kempf)
  • Disputes with the CRA: Employee vs. Independent Contractor (Tom Fellhauer)
  • Employment Contracts (Mark Baron)
  • Employment Law (Joni Metherell)
  • Factors That Effect the Determination of Severance Amounts Payable to Employees (Greg Pratch)
  • Formal Employment Agreements vs. Offer Letters (Greg Pratch)
  • Recent Developments on Human Rights in the Workplace Related to Family Leave, Appearance and Language (Alf Kempf)
  • Strategies for Managing Retirement and Succession (Alf Kempf)
  • The Anatomy of a Wrongful Dismissal Action (Alf Kempf)
  • Working with Foreign Nationals (Sandra Hakanson)

Estate Litigation


First Nations

Immigration & Citizenship

Legal Profession

  • Lawyers and Professional Responsibility (Tom Fellhauer)
  • The Rule of Law and Why it is Important in a Modern Society (Tom Fellhauer)

Personal Injury

Real Estate


Wills, Estates and Trusts