BrainTrust Canada

BrainTrust Canada is a progressive non-profit association that has provided community rehabilitation to Okanagans with brain injuries since 1986.

The association provides individualized community assistance and rehabilitation to maximize brain injury victims’ independence, including residential, pre-employment, health maintenance, education, advocacy, and family support. BrainTrust Canada is also a leader in brain injury prevention, with a focus on education for youth, concussion management and social marketing initiatives.

Partner Paul Mitchell is a Founding Director of BrainTrust Canada, and we sponsor the annual Pushor Mitchell Okanagan Conference on Brain Injury, an interactive learning experience for professionals, family caregivers and persons living with brain injury.

Photo Gallery

2013 Brain Injury Conference 2

2013 Brain Injury Conference 3

2013 Brain Injury Conference Pushor Mitchell representatives: Greg Pratch, Heather Raeburn, Melanie Sands, Christa Taylor

2013 Brain Injury Conference 1

Pushor Mitchell Conference attendees: Heather Raeburn, Brenda Furman, Christa Taylor, Lynne Holmes, Melanie Sands and Greg Pratch


BrainTrust Canada

Pushor Mitchell LLP is an organization with a rare and impressive sense of corporate social responsibility. For nearly three decades, Paul Mitchell, Q.C. his paralegal Lynne Holmes and their team have rallied around our charitable cause- ensuring that brain injury is 'front of mind' in the community as a significant social and health issue. Through their support of the organization from the very inception of the society, to provision of office space and Board leadership, to title sponsorship of the Pushor Mitchell Okanagan Conference on Brain Injury - Paul and his team which includes the other personal injury lawyers in his office, especially Greg Pratch, and his staff, continue to offer strong collaborative support in helping us in our efforts to improve the lives of the people we serve and to reduce preventable brain injuries through education and awareness. We are grateful to work with Paul Mitchell, Q.C. and his team at Pushor Mitchell LLP, and we are honored to call him our friend. Maribeth Friesen, CEOBrainTrust Canada