A New Online Resource: Successfully Parenting Apart Toolkit

By Monica McParland
Categories: Blog, Family Law

The Canadian Bar Association has recently published a new and very helpful online resource entitled, “Successfully Parenting Apart: A Tool Kit” (the “Toolkit”). This online guide is a welcome addition to my family law practice and I recommend it to my clients. The Toolkit serves as a “one stop shop” on a variety of family law topics in a user friendly forum. The Toolkit is a handy collection of resources on key family law issues designed for parents who are in the process of separating. The Toolkit compiles together dozens of helpful articles, referral sources and very practical guides to assist parents as they navigate a myriad of issues related to co-parenting after separation. Some of the key topic areas include:

  • Children’s Experience of Separation
  • Communication and Decision Making
  • Accessing Supports for Children
  • Talking to Children About Separation and Divorce
  • The Basics of Property Division in British Columbia
  • The Basics of Child Support
  • The Basics of Spousal Support

Although the Toolkit is national in scope, the well-designed table of contents makes it easy to navigate and isolate articles most applicable to family law clients in British Columbia. The initial period following separation is a time of tremendous change which can often bring to the parties a level of uncertainty and stress. Separation and family reorganization can be emotionally challenging for both parents and children. The Toolkit materials focus on assisting parents in making choices which are in the best interests of their children, notwithstanding the fact that they may be experiencing feelings of disappointment, anger or resentment toward their former spouse.

The Toolkit empowers parents to make informed decisions about their separation focussing on their children’s best interests. I recommend the Toolkit as a very useful starting point for all my family law clients. Follow this link to access the online Toolkit: Toolkit.

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